Opal™ Staining Jar, 4-pack

Part Number: STJAR4

Detail Information

We suggest this jar for microwave treatment (MWT) in the Opal™ protocol. MWT is used in the Opal protocol for removal of antibodies as well as antigen retrieval and blocking endogenous peroxidase activity. This clear Hellendahl type jar accommodates up to 16 standard 75 x 25 mm slides vertically, and it holds enough AR buffer to ensure sample integrity during MWT.

Material: polymethylpentene (PMP or TPX®)



Product Brand Name Ancillary Products
Quantity in a Package Amount 4.0 Units
Shipping Condition Ambient
Unit Size 4 pack


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Application Support Knowledgebase: Opal Multiplex IHC Assay FAQs