Opal™ 7-Color Automation IHC Kit, 50 Slide

Part Number: NEL821001KT

Detail Information

Opal is a practical workflow for the simultaneous detection of up to six tissue biomarkers plus nuclear counterstain within a single image. The method is similar to standard immunohistochemistry (IHC) and is accessible to many laboratories where standard IHC method development is performed. The Opal 4-Color Automation Immunohistochemistry Kit is designed for use on the Leica Biosystems BOND RX, and is configured and validated for imaging on the Vectra® and Mantra systems. This kit contains reagents to stain 50-slides at the recommended dilution ratio.

The Opal 7-Color Automation IHC Kit contains:

  • 6 reactive fluorophores (Opal 520, Opal 540, Opal 570, Opal 620, Opal 650 and Opal 690)
  • Spectral DAPI
  • 1X Plus Automation Amplification Diluent
  • Blocking/Ab Diluent
  • Opal Polymer HRP Ms + Rb

Users should source primary antibodies and other workflow reagents separately. The Opal 7-Color Automation IHC Kit was optimized for use on the Leica Biosystems BOND RX and configured and validated for imaging on the Vectra® and Mantra systems. Kits contain enough reagents to stain 50-slides at the recommended 1:150 dilution ratio.

Opal will enable you to:

  • Measure up to six tissue biomarkers at once
  • Use the best primary antibodies together in multiplex panel, with no species-based crosstalk
  • Retain spatial cellular context that is lost in flow cytometry
  • Confirm single cell co-expression for many biomarkers in one tissue section
  • Get more information while conserving precious tissue.

Automating Opal staining brings the benefit of:

  • Quality, consistency and reproducibility with every sample
  • Time-savings versus laborious manual process
  • Ease-of-use with a walk-away, high-throughput protocol



Automation Compatible Yes
Detection Method MSI, Fluorescence
Fluorophore Opal 520, Opal 570 and Opal 690
Product Brand Name Opal
Quantity in a Package Amount 1.0 per pack
Shipping Condition Blue Ice
Unit Size 7-color kit


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